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1680 Den Ballistic Nylon-60 in[1680ballisti]

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per linear yard:

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Canvas is sold by the linear yard. 1 lin yard = 3 lin feet = 36 linear inches. When choosing a width, that is inches (12"= 1 foot). So if you put 1 in the quantity box, you are ordering 1 linear yard of the width chosen in the drop down box.

Product Description

Our 1680 Ballistic Nylon fabric is made from superior high tenacity nylon yarns. It is thick, strong and extremely durable. Ballistic nylon is used for many end applications and has excellent abrasion resistance. 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon is a cheaper, lighter alternative to our 1050 Ballistic Nylon fabric.

Colors: Black
Weight: 15 ounces per square yard, 1.5 lbs per linear yard
Width: 59/60 inches
Content: 100% high tenacity nylon
Coating: Urethane Coated
Finish: Water Repellent, Waterproof
Yarn: 1680 Denier
Weave: 2x2 basket weave
Uses: luggage, bottoms of bags, various packs, police belts, tool belts, watchstraps, motorcycle jackets, kayaks

Learn more about 1680 Ballistic Nylon here

*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric is exposed to those conditions*

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